Welcome to the first browser that features a full VPN client that protects your PC's internet traffic!

We are proud to annonce that UR Browser in collaboration with our European friends at


is launching it's own, browser integrated, virtual private network client!

We will assume that you are using UR Browser and you know what's a VPN client. If not, learn more about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) by checking

our post here.

To get exclusive beta access to UR's VPN, you need to download and install this private version. Ssh! It's not yet available for all users, so you'll not find it directly on our website.

Here are the steps to get you going:

1. Download UR Browser by clicking the button above.

2. Directly install UR Browser, over the previous installation, your data will be kept.

3. Create an account on first-start page or later by clicking the VPN icon and then 'Login to connect' button.

4. Choose your wanted exit location and click connect. The VPN icon will turn green once connected.

Once connected

all your PC's internet communications,

including other apps,

are encrypted and tunneled through UR VPN.

Connect anytime to UR VPN whenever you feel the need to encrypt your internet traffic and change your location.

Having trouble? Send us an email to, or catch us on social media: